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Ovation produce tyres meeting intermational standards.

Advanced testing facilities and an elaborate R&D team assure the excellence and stable quality of products with accreditation certificates of ISO9001, DOT, INMETRO etc.


Tested by the leading consumer watch-dog  groups in Australia, Ovation Tyres have had outstanding results right across the globe. For further information regarding testing and recommendation please contact your local state distributor.


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VI-386 HP Ecovision

Capability & Success

over Victoria & Tasmania

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Tyres should be fitted by a specialist like your local Ovation Tyre Dealer who will ensure that they are fitted to your wheel correctly. Poorly fitted tyres can result in vibration, premature failure, poor handling or rapid treadwear.

VI-682 Ecovision

V-02 Commercial

VI-286 AT Ecovision